5 Pitch Rules




Bases:  50 feet apart

Pitching Rubber:  30 feet from home plate point

1.  5 Pitch games are to be 5 innings.   In the event of bad weather, curfew, or darkness 2 innings shall be needed for a full game.   No extra innings will be played to break a tie except in playoffs.

2.  Curfew shall be called 80 minutes after the scheduled starting time by the umpire.

3.  Player in (pitcher÷ position must wear helmet with face mask.  Catcher must wear full catchers gear.

4.  NO stealing is permitted.

5.  If a team requires call-ups, "Call-Up Rule" listed under General Rules #6 applies.

6.  All players must play 3 innings of a 5 inning game and 2 innings of a 3 or 4 inning game and 1 of a 2 inning game. 

7.  5-Pitch can be played with a minimum number of 7 players on a team.

8.  If a baseball is hit from the batter which hits the pitcher (or pitching machine), the play is dead and a RE-PITCH is taken.  All base runners are to return the original base.


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